Friday, September 3, 2010

A Paris!

So today, finally, after 4 long months of anticipation and excitement, I have finally arrived in the City of Lights, ready to embark upon a challenging, but very fulfilling year-long journey. I have looked forward to this experience since way before college, and in all honesty, it still hasn't quite sunk in that I'm actually here. But in just one more day, my study abroad program shall commence, and the enormity of this undertaking will really begin to hit me. In the meantime, I will most certainly keep my blog up and running. After all, what better place to blog about food than Paris? I may not post as regularly over the next few weeks as I settle in, but rest assured, I will continue to blog not only about all the wonderful food I eat in Paris, but also the various delicacies that I sample in all of the other countries and cities I travel to throughout the year. I certainly plan to continue cooking, but my blog will also begin to incorporate dishes that I sample in various restaurants, cafes, bistros, and the like. If anything, this new spin will enrapture you even further! Stay tuned!


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